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Our services

TERRUM is a highly qualified family business that provides services across a wide environmental range. We are the ideal partner in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, earthworks, tree planting and other related services.

We are equipped to carry out the most difficult environmental cleans and have a team experienced in all types of wood construction.

We are also a company licensed to collect and receive green waste, composting and recovering it on our premises, producing fertilizing compost approved for use in organic farming.

We are also able to carry out the destruction of plant residues of controlled substances, in particular residues from farms growing cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Garden construction & maintenance

We are passionate about creating and caring for gardens and green spaces, transforming environments into natural refuges.
With a specialized team, we offer comprehensive construction and maintenance services, from creative design to the careful selection of plants and materials. Each project is unique, reflecting the preferences and style of our clients.
From conception to implementation and ongoing maintenance, we are dedicated to creating stunning settings, harmonizing nature and art. From public parks to residential gardens, Terrum is the reliable choice for anyone looking for lasting beauty and green spaces that enrich lives.

Forest clearing

Terrum stands out as a company committed to protecting the environment through specialized forest clearing. We are committed to preventing forest fires, contributing to the preservation of natural ecosystems.
Our highly qualified team carries out strategic interventions, removing flammable materials and creating effective fire zones. With cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, we guarantee the continued health of forests and the safety of local communities. Terrum is the reliable choice for anyone looking to mitigate risks, promote biodiversity and preserve the natural beauty of our landscapes.

Destruction of Controlled Substances (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Terrum excels in the safe and effective destruction of controlled substances of plant origin such as medicinal cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L.), demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to safety and compliance. With specialized methods and strict protocols, we guarantee the complete destruction of these substances, reducing risks and complying with regulations. Our professional approach ensures responsible disposal, minimizing any negative impact. We are the choice of companies looking for solutions to deal with these substances, providing peace of mind and professionalism.

Composting of green waste

Terrum takes the lead in the collection and treatment of green waste from agricultural, forestry and urban sources. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we offer comprehensive waste management solutions. Through advanced processes, we transform waste into valuable resources such as organic compost and biomass, minimizing environmental impact.

Our specialized team ensures efficient collection and responsible treatment, contributing to the health of local ecosystems and communities. Terrum is the reliable choice for anyone looking to promote the circular economy and preserve the natural beauty of our planet for future generations.


Yes, our permits allow us to carry out large-scale work for public clients

No, our products are only available in florists, garden centers and retail partners